Abilene, TX Electricity Rates

Found within west central Texas, the city of Abilene, has a thriving community of over 120,000 members. This city is the county seat of Taylor Country, and is home to its own downtown historic district and the Dyess Air Force Base. The city is also home to Abilene Christian University, Simmons University and McMurry University.

While this city has a long history within the state, today many in the western portion of this state know Abilene as a popular vacation destination in the warmer months. This city is home to three different lakes and plenty of beachfront shops, restaurants and activities. Abilene also boasts its own thriving downtown area, and in 1982 they became the first city in the state of Texas to create a downtown reinvestment zone.

The rehabilitation of downtown isn’t the only modern change that has impacted Abilene in recent years. With the passing of Senate Bill 7 in 2002, parts of Texas were granted the ability to become deregulated. This means that the sate could no longer regulate the cost of electricity and that instead independent providers could offer competitive rates to their customers around the state. While only some areas of the state of Texas fell under the electrical deregulation act, Abilene happened to be one of the major cities to become entirely deregulated.

The deregulated areas of the state reside within six different utilities. Abilene was placed in the AEP North service area. This means that while residents can choose who provides their electricity, this utility is still responsible for maintaining the power lines and poles throughout Abilene.

Although electrical deregulation brought about a great deal of change in Abilene, the Public Utility Commission of Texas still oversees the electric market both in this city and across the state. This means that customers can shop for their preferred providers with confidence and know that the state is still able to protect shoppers as they find their preferred electricity provider.