Arlington, TX Electricity Rates

Known as one of the premier urban areas within the greater Dallas-Fort Worth region, Arlington, Texas provides area residents with a family-friendly community to call home that still resides just minutes from the heart of both Dallas and Fort Worth. With the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport just minutes away, Arlington has become a global city, with strong ties to worldwide corporations.

With nearly 400,000 people that call this Texas city home, Arlington has become more than a suburb directly between Fort Worth and Dallas, but an urban community with its own unique personality. The city is actually the seventh-largest city in Texas and is home to the University of Texas Arlington, the massive Dallas Cowboys Stadium and the headquarters for General Motors.

In addition to being one of the larger cities in this region of Texas, Arlington is also one of the major Texas cities that offers electricity deregulation for its residents. In 2002, when the Texas senate restructured the state’s energy sector, with the passing of Senate Bill 7, 85 percent of the state, including Arlington, officially became deregulated.

The state was split into six different utilities, and Arlington was placed in the Oncor utility, along with its neighboring communities of Dallas and Fort Worth. While Arlington residents still reside within a state-appointed utility, they do not have to use the utility’s electric rates, and can instead shop for rates from independent providers. Oncor still manages all of the equipment and power lines throughout the Arlington area and offers emergency assistance and repair services to those in the area.

When those who live in Arlington shop for a new electricity rates, they can choose from fixed or variable rates, short or long-term plans and even choose electricity rates that come from renewable resources. When Arlington switched to electric deregulation, they set up a system t