Austin, TX Electricity Rates

As Texas’ state capital, the city of Austin is often a hub of major activity. Known for its bursting arts and music scene and for its city-wide motto of “Keep Austin Weird,” this thriving Texas city is often a popular visitor destination and one of the fastest growing cities in the state. This city has the biggest state capital building in the country, outside of the US Capitol Building, and every year the city hosts more than 100 different live music festivals.

In addition to offering its own unique personality, Austin is one of the major cities in Texas that offers deregulated electricity options for its residents. This unique feature has allowed many in Austin to save on their monthly electricity bills and choose which type of service they receive for their home and business properties.

As the result of the passing of Senate Bill 7, in 2002, Austin became part of the 85 percent of Texas that was now entirely deregulated. This meant residents of the state’s capital, no longer had to use their state appointed electricity utility, but could instead choose to receive electricity from another separate independent provider.

For Austin residents this meant being able to choose rates, plan options, fixed or variable rate packages, and energy that comes from renewable resources. Today, dozens of independent suppliers operate in the greater Austin area and provide their individual energy options to area residents.

In recent years, Austin has invited even more residents to call this Texas city home. From 2013 to 2014, Austin was the fastest growing city in Texas, and was also named one of the “Safest Cities in the United States” by the FBI. This has brought even more residents to Austin, and allowed thousands of new community members the option to choose their electricity provider.

The Public Utility Commission of Texas still oversees the independent providers that offer their services to Austin residents. This means, that those who choose to call Austin home can shop for electricity suppliers with confidence and know that they will never have their energy provider changed without their knowledge.