What is Texas Electricity Power to Choose?

If you’re new to Texas, or new to energy deregulation for that matter, this article should not be passed over.

Because the issue of customer choice for Texas Electricity is so important, and to raise awareness about the program, this article serves to answer a couple of common questions regarding your power to choose (your right to choose) electricity in Texas.

What is Power to Choose ?
“Power to Choose” is the slogan, of sorts, for electric deregulation in Texas. When TX became deregulated (except for a few pockets which remain regulated) in 2002, electric customers were no longer obligated to buy their power from the utilities in their designated area. Instead, customers gained a right to choose their own electric provider, just as they would if they were shopping for insurance or other similar products and services.

Instead of the utilities controlling a monopoly on power under regulation, various “Retail Electric Providers” began servicing deregulated parts of Texas beginning in 2002. You may already know many of these suppliers, such as Bounce Energy or Amigo Energy. While the utilities are still responsible for the poles, wires, line service and transmission of the power, you get your bill from the REP and you can choose which one you would like to buy power from.

How Can I Exercise My Right to Choose in Texas?
Texas Electricity offers a one-stop comparison shopping experience for consumers and businesses in deregulated areas of Texas. Check out rates in your city or type in a zip code to compare rates in your specific region of Texas.

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