ERCOT Warns of Another Electricity Shortage in Texas

It was only last February when Texans found themselves in the dark due to rolling blackouts and electricity shortages.  The power problems are looming again, this time as a scorching summer sinks in with record-breaking temps across the Lone Star State. This past Monday, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) issued a new emergency alert, although it was cancelled shortly thereafter.


The Council is asking Texans to be constantly vigilant of their electricity consumption during yet another bout of extreme temperatures (the February blackouts resulted from ice and unusually frigid temps), particularly during the peak hours of 3pm to 7pm. Energy usage spikes during this afternoon chunk of the day, especially as air conditioners drink up the volts in their  fight to keep indoor climates below 80 degrees.

Reducing the amount of electricity you use, especially during the peak hours of 3 and 7pm, will help keep the Texas power grid more stable, as usage spikes and higher demand can overwhelm the grid and cause rolling blackouts. In order to help keep the juice flowing throughout Texas, we all need to play our part in helping to curtail consumption.

Here’s 10 Tips on How You Can Help Keep The Lights On Across Texas:

*Do laundry in the evening, after 7pm

*Wash your clothes on a Cold/Cold setting (if it won’t ruin anything)

*Always turn off lights in empty rooms, and any appliance that’s not being used

*Keep your thermostat set at reasonable temperatures.

*Keep your A/C off between the hours of 3pm and 7pm if possible

*Close blinds and curtains on your windows to keep your home cool

*Keep doors and windows closed, seal any drafty thresh holds.

*Try to postpone dinner until after 7pm , especially if it requires a lot of electricity (oven, stove, microwave)

*Be a green gamer and UNPLUG your PS3, Xbox, Wii, or PC when not in use.

*Go completely ‘dark’ for one hour between 3pm and 7pm and TURN OFF EVERYTHING. Enjoy the solace.

Not only will these types of actions help Texas to stave off blackouts, but it will help you develop very positive conservation habits for our electricity usage.  Keeping consumption low means a more stable grid, a healthier energy economy, a lower electric bill for you, and lower Texas electricity prices for everyone.

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