First Biomass Power Plant in Texas Lights up Lufkin

According to news reports, Lufkin, TX will play home to a new biomass power plant, the first of its kind in Texas. The finishing touches were being applied to the 50 megawatt facility in May, allowing for a cheaper electricity alternative to the surrounding residents.

In addition to the 70,000 Angelina County homes that will benefit from the bio-power buzzing through the new plant, some job-seekers are now also enjoying the perks as the facility created about 150 new jobs. With the lowest end of wages for workers at the plant hitting around the $17 per hour mark, these jobs generate a welcome boost during the tough times.

A biomass power generation plant works by converting biological waste, byproducts and other bio-materials  into electricity, which is then placed on the grid for available power to the surrounding zone.  The Lufkin plant will use the discarded wood and scraps from nearby lumber mills for fuel.  While most Texas electricity generation facilities provide a much larger output than the Lufkin plant, none have done it strictly with biomass alone.

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