Dallas, TX Electricity Rates

While many know Dallas for being the top visitor destination in the state of Texas, and one of the biggest cities in the country, this southern city is home to many unique features and attractions. The Dallas World Aquarium, George W. Bush Presidential Center and 18 different Fortune 500 companies, all call Dallas home. One of the other things about this city that makes Dallas so unique is that it is one of the few major cities in the country to operate in an entirely deregulated electricity market.

Dallas residents were first given the power to choose their preferred electricity rates in 2002, when the state passed their Senate Bill 7. This bill deregulated approximately 85 percent of the state of Texas, including Dallas, meaning that residents of this city no longer had to get their electricity from their city-appointed utility.

Dallas still has its own utility, which is one of the six major utilities in the state. The Oncor utility manages the electrical lines and equipment throughout Dallas and provides repairs and other services during outages and emergencies. However, Dallas residents can actually choose what provider they use to supply their monthly electricity.

Dozens of Dallas area suppliers offer electrical services to both residential and business property owners. By choosing their preferred electrical suppliers, these residents can pick their preferred rate, choose from short or long-term plans, or choose green energy options if they prefer.

When the Public Utility Commission of Texas rolled out the new deregulated electricity market for Dallas residents, patrons of this city were given the power to choose their provider. As part of this effort the state’s public utility also made certain that a consumer’s electricity provider could never be changed without their permission.