Fort Worth, TX Electricity Rates

The riverfront city of Fort Worth, Texas is known around the state for its young vibrant population, and for its strong ties to the oil industry. This city is home to the Amon Carter Museum, Texas Christian University and big companies such as American Airlines. However, this city offers its residents with more than just sites and attractions, it is one of the major Texas cities to offer electrical deregulation.

Like its neighboring city of Dallas, Fort Worth is part of the Oncor utility; one of the six major utilities throughout the state. Oncor, which is based in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area was actually the only electrical company available to Fort Worth residents before electrical deregulation. Now, several suppliers offer local Fort Worth customers with available energy sources.

This utility manages the power lines and grids in the greater Fort Worth area, but allows local, independent providers to actually supply energy to city residents. As part of electrical deregulation, residents of this state can choose their supplier, meaning they are able to pick the rates that they pay, the length of their plan and whether their bill comes in fixed or variable rates.

For many Fort Worth residents, the induction of electrical deregulation, also makes it easier to find energy suppliers that use green or renewable resources. With a young population that often openly supports green energy acts, these energy solutions have become popular in the greater Fort Worth area.

Movements such as this in Forth Worth, have helped this Texas city become one of the fastest growing cities in the country. In fact, from 2000 to 2006, Fort Worth was the number one fastest growing major US city, and was voted as the “Most Livable Community” in America.

For the thousands of new residents that relocate to Fort Worth every year, moving to this rapidly growing southern city, means getting to choose from one of the several independent energy suppliers that offer competitive rates to businesses and homes across Fort Worth.