Galveston, TX Electricity Rates

The coastal city of Galveston, Texas is known by many as being one of the most popular beach towns in the south. Located on Galveston Island and Pelican Island, this community is hailed mostly for its strong tourism industry. However, with nearby Houston and its waterfront location, Galveston has also become well known for its health care, shipping and ties to the financial market.

Galveston is one of the oldest communities in Texas and has one of the largest collections of historically significant buildings in the country, as this city was once a major port for shipping goods in the early 19h century. More than 60 different structures throughout the region are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Galveston has gone through several major changes throughout the years, transforming from a hub of international trade to a popular vacation destination. The community also underwent major change in 2002, with the passing of Senate Bill 7 in Texas.

When this bill passed, Galveston, along with nearly 85 percent of the rest of the state of Texas, were places into six different deregulated utilities. The passing of the bill meant that the state no longer governed the price of electricity in the area, and that residents could instead enjoy deregulated energy rates. Now, residents in Galveston can choose their preferred monthly rate from a number of local, independent suppliers.

With the humid, tropical climate of Galveston, many residents once endure high monthly energy costs. With deregulation in place, area energy suppliers can offer these residents with lower, more competitive rates that can help them receive more manageable monthly bills.

When Texas was split into six different utilities, Galveston was put in the CenterPoint Energy Service Area. Although dozens of independent providers now offer energy supplies throughout this area, the utility still remains responsible for the actual poles and power lines in Galveston. This means if there is any issues with the lines, or emergency situations, Galveston residents still need to call their utility for assistance.