Houston, TX Electric Rates

Known for being the largest city in the state of Texas, Houston is home to more than 6 million residents and more than 7 million visitors every year. Within the greater Houston metropolitan area, lies the country’s second largest Theater District, an expansive museum district, the world’s largest rodeo and livestock show, along with more than 40 universities, colleges and educational institutions. For the 6 million individuals who call this city home, life in Houston not only means getting to enjoy these perks of city living, but it means getting to enjoy the benefits of electricity deregulation.

Electric deregulation first impacted Houston in 2002, when the state of Texas passed their Senate Bill 7. This allowed residents in Houston, and in other major cities across the state to have the unique power to chose where their electricity came from.

Houston was part of the 85 percent of the state that was placed into deregulated areas and was put into the utility known as the CenterPoint utility. While CenterPoint still covers the power lines and electrical equipment in Houston, individual residents of the “Space City” can choose from dozens of different Houston area electricity providers to actually supply their property’s electricity.

For decades, Houston has been hailed throughout the world for being a truly global city, and one with a thriving economy. Not only is Houston known for its ties to the oil industry, but it has more Fortune 500 companies than any other metropolitan area in the United States, besides New York City.

With a strong economy like this, Houston area electrical suppliers not only offer specialized plans for residential properties, but for business properties as well. Both home and business property owners can choose from electrical packages that offer low rates, fixed or variable terms or energy that comes from green, renewable resources.

The Public Utility Commission of Texas has overseen deregulation in Houston, insuring that residents of this thriving southern city are able to fairly get the electricity rates they desire, from trusted independent suppliers in the area.