Tyler, TX Electricity Rates

Nestled within the northeast corner of Texas, lies the thriving city of Tyler. Known as an economic hub of the area, this Texas city boasts a growing economy, several higher education institutions and a community of more than 100,000 residents. Also known as the Rose Capitol of the United States, Tyler Texas has the largest rose garden in the country.

Recently, Tyler has gained traction for the large number of tech-start ups in the area, earning it the nickname of the “Silicon Valley of Texas.” The city first started making waves in the late 1980s, when Tyler originated the international Adopt-a-Highway movement, after appeals from the Texas Department of Transportation.

Years later, in 2002, Tyler was a part of another major Texas bill, when the Senate Bill 7. This bill allowed for electrical deregulation throughout a majority of the state, meaning several major cities, including Tyler, no longer had their electricity supply regulated by the state.

When deregulation happened, residents in any of the six state appointed utilities, were suddenly able to choose their electricity provider. Tyler fell within the Oncor service area, which also includes nearby cities of Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington.

In Tyler, this new initiative means that residents no longer have to pay the state-set amount price for electricity. Instead, independent providers can offer competitive rates for their energy to residents throughout Tyler. While the electric wires and poles are still managed by Tyler’s utility, Oncor, the actual energy distribution is governed by private companies.

For many Tyler residents this means they are able to save on their monthly energy costs. This movement also gives these individuals the ability to pick certain features of their energy bill, such as fixed or variable rate options, short or long-term plans, and whether or not they want their energy from a renewable resource.